Man admitted to ICU after watching Damnadamn

The only person to have seen Himesh Reshammiya's magnum opus and challenger Damadamm has been admitted to a super specialty hospital after complaining of severe chest pain and dizziness.

Chavvani Lal, a 30 year old from Pune watched the movie – first day first show after accepting a bet from friends who said he won’t be able to sit through the movie. However, Lal’s enthusiasm turned into horror within 15 minutes after the movie started. Doctors who were on standby outside the empty hall were rushed in as soon as Lal sent a SoS sms to the stunt coordinator.

The censor board has banned
this poster saying it was too
scary for kids.
Pune cops have taken two people into custody and are investigating the episode. “We had clearly issued an advisory to people not to watch this movie unless they had the option of walking away within 5 minutes of seeing Himesh’s face. Unfortunately this was not the case in this instance and we have therefore taken two people into custody for interrogation. We might even call in Himesh for questioning. I dont know which clown advised that joker to take up acting,” ACP Frauduman said.

Lal, according to sources is the only person who has seen this movie so far. His condition is said to be stable but he has been moved to ICU for 24x7 observation. Doctors attending on him said his cardio-vascular system had taken a severe hit but he was responding to treatment. The next 24 hours will be crucial he said.


Nitin Jain said…
Cant be true....keh do yeh jhooth hai...keh do...nahiiiiiiiiiii :D
Ana_treek said…
Poor Chawani Lal :D
:) Hi Nitin..even Himesh said the same thing ;)))but alas it is true :( :)
Hi Ana...yea my sympathies rest with him too :))
Sujatha Sathya said…
we've all heard of travel advisories issued by the MEA but movie advisory is a first :))

good one
poor himesh! no no poor Chawani lal
:D Thanks Sujatha...all those clowns who encourage this himmesh joker should be locked in tihar...forever..i mean that man is downright noxious...
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...And, this list will include many more if they watch Ra One...
:D:D yea Saru..btw did u watch raw one :))

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