Calvin on Congress, Rahul and Sonia

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Saru Singhal said…
Your Calvin posts are too good!
sowmya said…
good sense of humor! nice post :)
:D thanks a ton Sowmya..:) glad u loved it :)
TheBluntBlogger said…
Darn! I would have loved to see Sushmaswaraj in the toon :D
TheBluntBlogger said…
btw, i love the calvin hobbes twists you do :D i look forward to these...and previous comment in no way meant its not a good post :D
:D thanks Chintan :) even i wish I could do draw toons :(( to be honest I would be the last one to tamper these masterpieces...but then as they should be interpreted by every generation in their own way :) so this is my two pennies ;)))

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