$35 tablet earns Apple and MS ire, tech giants eye injunction

The launch of $35 tablet nicknamed Aakash could run into rough weather with Apple and Microsoft claiming that the device infringed on patents owned by them. Late Tuesday evening the legal team of Apple and Microsoft started working in tandem to seek injunction on display and sale of the tablet.

Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal who is driving the project asked Apple and Microsoft to ‘stand down’ and stop ‘nagging’. “What do they think this is sue-go-round? If they go ahead and file cases, I will make sure that both these companies pack their bags from India and will not be able to sell even a memory stick in this part of the world again. This is not US or EU our writ runs here and if you have a problem with it you better stand down or go on an indefinite fast,” an angry Sibal said.

Apple’s legal representatives were unsure about the specific patents violated by Aakash. “We were just told to sue everything that runs on Android. Just the other day we filed a case against some guy who wanted to sell a calculator that was based on Android. So you know how serious we are on attacking Android-based devices,” an Apple insider said.

Microsoft when contacted declined to offer a comment. But insiders say MS is ready to offer conditional nod if the Indian government was willing to share $15 for every Aakash sold.

Infosys chairman emeritus NR Narayana Murthy meanwhile lamented the poor quality of tablets for sale out there and blamed fly-by-night operators for claiming big and delivering small.  “Most of these tablets are designed by ‘coached’ IIT students and not captive code copiers and writers like the ones employed by Infosys,"NRN said.  


Chintan Gupta said…
I am sure this tablet is way better than Samsung Galaxy Tab for which so many males bloggers had sweat their pants and still did not win :D

Cheers [_]@
Chintu Singh
hhah :) yea i remember that one Chintan ;) am sure those guys should buy Aakash as a consolation prize ;))))
Saru Singhal said…
I remember apple loves to sue. Also, I think fasting is a good way as suit will take eternity in India. Fasting is more reliable and faster way. What's wrong with Murthy Sir???
:) Agree Saru...and dont know whats wrong with NRN...:(
umashankar said…
In all likelihood, the product seems to be a bloated version of some Chinese media player based on Apple/Ms products. No, I am not being skeptic of the Indian genius. But can you even start counting anything remarkable that we have come up with?
Hi Umashankar...lets wait for the reviews buddy...even if the device lives up to 50 pc of what it claims...we have a winner...

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