Windows 8 lets you customize your frustration

Software maker Microsoft has added many features to make its WIP OS Windows 8 more customizable and appealing according to almost reliable sources.

While we can go on about other features, we will talk about the one that has been more annoying than watching Bill Gates count the billion added to his account every morning. While many expected Microsoft to come out with a radically new black screen of death, the Seattle-based tech giant has retained the colour blue and added several layers of customization to it. 8 users will be able to choose a pic they wish to see while their OS goes down and compose the message that goes along with it. In addition, if the user so desires, the OS (if it is online) can connect with social sites like Facebook and upload a status update indicating that the user won’t be online for a while. It can even upload a pic of the blue screen to the user’s profile to convince friends, provided sufficient privileges have been granted.

When asked as to why the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) was still around, a senior MS OS architect said “dude, this is what our company is all about. BsOD has an emotional connect with many MS employees. It is something that hasn’t changed since we launched our first OS. Besides, BsOD also forces you to take a break when you turn workaholic so it is also a huge part of our corporate social responsibility initiative”.

Windows 8 BSoD
An interesting BSoD related feature in Windows 8 is the BSoD timer. This allows users to decide when they want to see the dreaded blue screen or see it on purpose. “Suppose you have a big presentation that you are not ready for…just prepare a couple of slides and then program the machine to throw up a BSoD. The OS also allows you to choose a recovery time. Suppose you don’t want it to come online for almost an hour, you can set the BSoD clock to an hour and rest assured even Mr. Gates wont be able to bring the system back till the set time has lapsed,” the senior architect said.

Humor Unplugged got a chance to try out the new BSoD, thanks to a favour we had done on MS few years back. Though we were unable to check out the features, we were indeed impressed by the vocabulary prowess of MS engineers. While other BSoDs used to throw a series of codes at you the screen in 8 is simple with just one frowny (customizable). Microsoft has also said that users who are running applications belonging to rival software makers will not be able to customize the OS to this level. "The frowny in case of our rivals will be even more depressing and will come with a has Microsoft sued you lately message" the architect added.


Saru Singhal said…
I like the feature as I'm never ready for work. MS rocks! lol... Great post, very insightful and thanks for sharing latest technology updates...:)
:) Saruu :) thanks yaa...the only thing is i dont know why BSoD is still around and they are proudly flaunting it too :(
Chintan said…
i think what you mentioned is true :D that's what their secret agenda is. Did MS HR call you yet?
Hey Chintan :) no yaar...I dread the day MS HR guys start calling me...I mean few years ago I had a laptop that used to throw BSoD every hour on the hour and I had to literally save my work every second...;) if customers are so unhappy how will employees be :)))) just kidding ;)

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