Taliban gets USD 1,45,000 in carbon credit

The International Climate Change Council has decided to reward Taliban with USD 1,45,000  in carbon credit for its poppy farms in border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The decision was announced in an Oslo datelined press release issued by the body on Sunday.
Under Taliban the green cover in AFPAK border areas
has gone up by 14 percent
“Amongst all areas surveyed by us in Asia, we found the areas under Taliban occupation have maximum amount of green cover. We also found that these areas were being maintained with a very high level of diligence and dedication and feel it is absolutely necessary to insert a word of appreciation on behalf of the international community for their exemplary efforts,” the release said.   
“We are indeed honoured by this award and to celebrate we will launch 13 hit and run attacks against NATO forces in Afghanistan tonight,” Taliban spokesperson Mulllah Gomar said reacting to the development.
The prize money will be routed to Taliban through the government of Pakistan. Pakistani president Zardari will take his mandatory 10 percent cut followed by Pak army, ISI and a few non-state actors. The exact money that will reach the Taliban is therefore unknown.        


Mishi said…
heheheheheheheh....well he has risen his shares..its not 10 percent now..that was back when he was Husband of the Prime Minister..dont forget he owns the President House now..so 10% just doesn't suit him now...Poor Taliban! I doubt if they will find anything at all;p
Saru Singhal said…
If they want to route money, I can do that for a lesser cut. 10% is way too high, with appreciation in dollar, I have a better way of doing that. Also, I appreciate what these guys did, Taliban's efforts are finally recognized. Without their efforts, the lounges, rappers would have failed across globe!

:D Mishi :))) thanks for updating us all on the new rates ;) i knew i should have consulted you before keying in this one :)))) but yea I am sure Taliban will get nothing but a congratulatory message from mr 10 plus percent :)))
Saruuu :) lolz at rappers failing :) now that could have some serious repercussions :)
Nitin Jain said…
finally something sensible, which will go a long way in promoting world peace! Its time to reward the folks in Himalayas and Mexico :)
haha :) thanks Nitin...the list is quite long..I have only mentioned one player :))

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