Salman Khan gives economic advice to US president Obama

Last Sunday, US President Obama toured Wayne, New Jersey, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene to express sympathy and show solidarity with affected citizens. He was joined by none other than famous bollywood actor Salman Khan. The two went around Wayne, spoke to a few residents and exchanged notes on US economy before splitting.
Sources in the Khan household say that the visit was an impromptu one but important none the less as he and Obama discussed ways to prop up the US economy and improve the job scene there. "Salman was clearly against floating a new stimulus package but wanted Obama administration to focus on cutting debt in the long term without slashing the spending that is supporting the fragile recovery in the short term," a specific source said.
Tanned Salman Khan
with Obama

"If your businesses are discouraged by weak consumer spending by Americans, they should reorient themselves to export markets – creating US jobs in the process. You (Obama) should press Congress for passing Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama within the next few weeks and any further delay may delay recovery," Salman told Obama.

Salman sounded optimistic on US economy and told Obama that there is nothing much to worry. He however declined to give a timeline for US economy to come back on track.  "The fundamentals are strong and certain sectors like arms exports are definitely looking good. But as of now someone has pressed the hibernation button so we will need to wait till other sectors gain momentum and push domestic spending and consumption to stimulate the economy," Salman said.
Obama has asked his economic advisors to stay in touch with Salman and get his inputs for all major financial policy decisions in the future.   


Saru Singhal said…
Obama should advice him about relationships, kinda return gift! And, Sallu needs it
:D am sure..but then Obama needs to be careful...if he says one word too many...salu may thulp him :))))) then Obama will need a recovery package for himself ;))

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