Muammar Gaddafi will not surrender till they spell his name right

Former Libyan dictator is angry with the international media for not spelling his name right.

Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has stated that he will not surrender till the international media spells his name right. In a faxed message received by Humor Unplugged yesterday evening from Tripoli, someone claiming to be his PA said that Gaddafi was very angry with the international media for twisting and using unauthorized variants of his name to humiliate the ‘leader’.

“The international media (may snake bite their shoes) is trying to insult our leader by deliberately misspelling his honour’s name. Our leader whose stature is taller than the tallest NBA player will not even think of surrendering till these pen wielders apologize in words and use the right spelling to refer to the one who has lead Libya to greatness,” the fax said.  

Humor Unplugged couldn’t verify the authenticity of the fax but the emblem of the former dictator was there on it. The international media has been using various spellings to refer to the first and second names of the former dictator. Mooamar, Muamar, Muomar and Gadaffi, Kadafi and Qadafi – these were just some of the versions floating around. The fax didn’t mention the right spelling but did say that the person claiming to be PA to Gaddafi will help anyone who seeks to know the right way to spell his name.


Saru Singhal said…
His name his taller than NBA reminds me when I see 7 feet guys in subways (I'm 5'), I look so helplessly small. Also, with the super failure of my hindi poems, even I'm not going to stop torturing reader's with my hindi poems till everyone pronounces my name correctly. It's सरू ...
Sujatha Sathya said…
a simple idea (wrong spelling) - beautifully executed - as usual with your trademark humor
:D Saruuuu :) goshhh height is just an academic measure yaar ;) your name is supercool and pl don't be so modest and humble...:) aap ki poetry ki toh log kasmein khathey hain :))) more power to your pen...
:) thanks Sujatha :) loved your last post on chivalry :) brilliant take :)
Nitin Jain said…
I think he is equally worried about pronouncing his name rightly, perhaps the 'afi' is from epiglottis :) ! Nice read as always !!
Thanks buddy yea your theory could be right :))
Piyalee Dash Sharma said…
One of the reasons (i always thought) why Hitler attacked Russia despite the earlier non - aggression pact was the Russians called him GITLER instead of Hitler. For all human beings their names are of utmost importance and then can we blame megalomaniacs of such stature?
A wise observation there, Piyalee thanks for sharing :)

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