Clarify on Neanderthal linkage, court to government

One of the tallest courts in the country, the Bombay Soar Court on Wednesday directed the Union Government to clarify on the presence of Neanderthal linage among humans. Observing that the matter was of supreme concern to the country, the court has given the government 15 days to respond.

According to the PIL filed by a loony professor, studies have shown that human beings interbred with their Neanderthal neighbours, who ‘mysteriously’ died out about 30,000 years ago. He claims that many scientists have claimed that the Neanderthal-modern human mating took place in the Middle East after a late night desert party where a Neanderthal and human had taken a special drink prepared from dates. The drink was supposed to be a powerful intoxicant and the two seemed to have breached the psychological and natural inter-specie boundary that night.
A Neanderthal-lady seen
waiting for her slippers to be
delivered via air

The petitioner's counsel pointed out to the soar court that as per the information received by them from the Ministry of Neanderthal Affairs (MNA) under the RTI, the government subscribes to this theory and many ministers in the current and previous government have on many occasions openly flaunted their Neanderthal connection.

“Digvijay Singh had told the media some ago that there some Neanderthals in his family tree. On the other side my client remembers hearing Yeddyurappa boasting about a Neanderthal ancestor. UP CM Mayawati had even started erecting statues of some famous Neanderthals before her government ran out of money. So my client wants the government to investigate the matter with due diligence as he wants to declare his linage before  marriage so that there is no scope any discord on this count in his marital life,” the pennywise counsel said.

Government's counsel Ghooskor Chaipani was warned to take the matter seriously as he was caught giggling several times during the proceedings. "You (Ghooskor) are directed  to act your age and refrain from showing your teeth. The next time this court sees your teeth, you will be directed to manage Poonam Pandey's twitter account," the judge said. But Ghooskor couldn't control his laughter and collapsed on the floor laughing hysterically. He was dragged out of court and a written warning issued to his supervisor.


Saru Singhal said…
lol...Tracing the, that's the secret why our politicians behave strangely...
Yea Saru :) but honestly if a neanderthal was around he would have given a piece of his mind of writing this one...holding them responsible for they our politicians behave is an insult to their memory ;( :)

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