BJP and Congress gift each other a Most Favoured Party tag

After India and Pakistan decided to declare each other as the ‘Most Favored Nation’, India’s leading national parties also decided to jump onto the favor wagon. In a joint press release issued on Saturday, the two parties decided to tag the other as its Most Favored Party.

“Yes it is true we have decided to tag each other and are really happy about the whole thing. This means we will work even more closely in the future to antagonize each other and try and grab a bigger piece of the political pie available in the country. Between us there is anyway not much to choose as far as leadership goes so this does not mean anything for the common man out there” Congress Spokesperson Manish Tiwari said. Senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj broke into an impromptu jig to express her happiness at the development.

Sources close to the two parties say that Congress and BJP will work out a few provisions as part of the agreement. One provision already agreed upon relates to more tit-for-tat fasts in the future – like the one that is on in Gujarat right now.

Priyanka and Deepika declare each as MFA
Leading Bollywood actors Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have also decided to grant each the Most Favored Actor tag.  The two who have fought over everything from boyfriends to movies to advertisements have agreed to continue fighting and explore new areas to extend and intensify their animosity.

Speaking exclusively to Humor Unplugged Priyanka Chopra said “I am deeply inspired by Mother Theresa and believe in using her philosophy in real life when I will be a 60 year old. But for now it is an eye for an eye”. Deepika Padukone on the other hand claimed that she was a far better actor and could do acting in-front of camera and behind it unlike Chopra.


Saru Singhal said…
Too good...I guess it's like keep your enemies closer...BTW Kareena has become calmer these days...
:D thanks Saruu :) Kareena should be the brand ambassador of tupperware..both are made of 100 pc plastic :))
Vijay Menon said…
LOL! Deepika part was fun :)
Hey thanks buddy :) hope you are doing good :)

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