Apple accidentally sues itself

In what could possibly be a major goof up, consumer electronics giant Apple filed a case against itself in a UK court on Friday. The suit filled accidentally calls for a court injunction to block the sales of Apple's yet to be released iPhone 5 in the UK on account of multiple counts of patent infringement. The gaffe was discovered when the court issued summons to Apple executives on Monday in connection with the case.

While going to press, it was still unclear how Apple filed a case against itself. But our sources say that the company’s legal team got confused over the zillion cases it has filed against a plethora of smartphone manufacturers around the world. One Apple insider even claimed that the whole thing was an inside legal exercise that went horribly wrong. “One of the legal teams was practicing a process to file a lawsuit and the papers went outside and reached the court. We have no idea how it happened,” the source claimed.

Another insider claimed that Apple’s legal team is under tremendous pressure to churn out lawsuits by the dozen. ”The target is 15 lawsuits per region per week and then there are threshold levels of lawsuits per company per individual and per season. Every person in Apple’s legal team has just one goal - how to sue and sue hard. I have a friend in that team and I haven’t seen him for months now. His family I am told has moved into the office with him. That’s the kind of life these guys have,” the insider said.

India’s very own sue-by-the dozen expert Arindam ‘I sue you’ Chaudhuri is not too amused by the whole saga. “Suing is an important part of growing up. It has spiritual connotations. For brands, a lawsuit could mean the difference between life or death and there is no such thing as a bad lawsuit. Even if you lose, think of the publicity you get from the whole thing. I am all for lawsuits and just yesterday I filed a lawsuit against some people who have ridiculed my pony tail,” Arindam said.


Raji said…
Brilliant!! Really funny. I also liked the dig at Arindam by the by:-)
:) Thanks Raji glad you liked it :)
Hilarious. Looks like Apple is more a law firm! And you have dragged Arindam Choudhry also into this. On the whole, a very enjoyable post.
Thanks Hari :) thanks a ton...
Saru Singhal said…
Too Good, now mighty apple will rest for sometime. And AC aka ponytial guy sues everyone. I wasn't aware of it...Hiliarious!
:D :D Saru :) yea pony uncle has a Jupiter sized ego..doesnt like to be teased ;)))
Chintan said…
does arindam dares to think beyond apple? :|

i find him utterly disgusting

and i have a problem of assuming jokes to be true, i hope this isn't :D
Hello Chintan :) good to hear from you again :)) yeapp...this could come true soon considering the number of cases the two are filing these days...a time might come when Apple will sue arindham chaudri :) that will be the day ;)
Saru Singhal said…
Believe me, I want to tease him. I hate his IIPM ads in newspaper... The only he has is SRK...
Yea Saru that guy needs to learn a lesson in humility ;)
Vijay Menon said…
Awesome! BTW please find some time to give me some alternatives for -"great , awesome, brilliant etc" Seriously I'm bored of saying the same thing :)
Hey thanks nice to hear from you after so long :) hope you and your blog are doing good...will drop in today :)
Anand said…
haaahaahahahaaaaa.... this was sooo hilarious man.. Just can't stop laughing at the title and the post... Hope they (apple and the pony tail) will stop suing someday... Am gonna share this in FB :)
hey :) thanks Anand :) all credit goes to arindham chaudri ;))
Tia said…
hehe..the arindam angle was gud :)
Thanks doo... :) glad u liked it :)))
Anand said…
Hi Buddy, you're tagged here
Pls check it out :)
Thanks buddy... appreciate the kind words and the honor :) god bless you...:)
Ruchi Jain said…
Fun to read.. nice one..

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