Support for Anna swells, Arindam Chaudhuri, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone log in

Anna’s fight against corruption received endorsement from unlikely quarters this week.

Pony-tailed clown and self-proclaimed academician Arindam Chaudhuri has extended his full support and cooperation to the Anna Hazare-led anti-corruption movement. In a press release issued late last night, the so called dean said that he will be showing his unconditional support by filing multiple cases against the movement and its leaders in his favourite lawsuit getaway, Silichar early next week.
“This is my way of showing solidarity with the movement and I want to tell Anna I am firmly with you,” Chaudhuri said before dashing off to meet his lawyers to discuss the cases to be filed.

Priyanka Chopra will do 30 movies, Deepika will date 43 people in 22 days 
National Award winning actress Priyanka Chopra told Humor Unplugged that she has signed on to do 30 movies to indicate her support for the Anna movement. “These movies will be based on serious issues such as romance that the nation is grappling with,” the actress said.

In Bangalore, model turned actress and serial dater Deepika ‘shuttle’ Padukone has stated that she will go on a serial dating spree unless government accepts Anna’s demands. The acclaimed actress who changes boyfriends faster than Japan changes PMs said “This is a very serious issue and we can no longer afford to treat it the way I treat my boy friends. So I have decided to date 43 people over the next 3 weeks to force the government to reconcile with Anna Hazare. If they don't, I will start dating MPs soon”.    


Anand said…
favorite lawsuit getaway?!! LOL :)
:D yea buddy he files all his lawsuits there :))
Saru Singhal said…
Pony tail clown and yes have you seen IIPM ads in newspaper? I enjoyed this post a lot...:)
:D thanks again Saru :) hop u are having a great weekend :)
gud one.. :) hehe
Iipm one was d best..
nd hey govt watch out.. Not jez deepka .. Even rakhi has d same plans..
Keep writin.. :)gud one.. :) hehe
Iipm one was d best..
nd hey govt watch out.. Not jez deepka .. Even rakhi has d same plans..
Keep writin.. :)
Anonymous said…
great post buddy, keep it up. Love your lines on Arindam Chaudhuri LOL

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