Section 144 imposed outside Arnab Goswami’s house, RAF deployed after another fight

Times Now anchor Arnab and his wife are at it again. This time the two fought over their respective versions of the Lokpal bill. Presenting the Humor Unplugged exclusive story of the month.

As the last day of August dawned on the Goswami household, Arnab, Pipi and their kid Pappu Goswami were enjoying a scrumptious breakfast prepared by Pipi. Peace had finally established itself firmly in the family with Arnab and Pipi signing a ceasefire agreement brokered by none other than union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee after their last skirmish. But who would have guessed that this would be the proverbial calm before Irene.

As soon as breakfast was over and Arnab and Pipi had finished exchanging pleasantries,  Arnab posted his version of Lokpal bill on the fridge with a huge note stating that this version should be considered final by the parliamentary standing committee. Pipi however had drafted her take and calmly pushed Arnab’s draft down and pasted her version there instead.

Arnab and Pipi's fridge 
Arnab was however not amused. He tried to reason with her arguing that his bill was more comprehensive and drafted after his extensive discussions with constitutional experts such as Lallo and Amar Singh. He claimed that it will pave way for a strong Lokpal and told Pipi that he was not asking her 20 questions but merely requesting her to move her draft down so that Arnab’s draft would sit on the freezer compartment of the fridge. Pipi didn’t agree and told him point blank that it was her way or the couch for Arnab. To complicate matters, Pappu came up with his own draft of the bill that Arnab felt was suspiciously similar to Pipi’s version.

Needless to say an argument broke out and a heated exchange of words followed. Without any delay, Pipi grabbed a vase and broke it on Arnab’s head at the same spot where he was hit by her a few months back. Arnab fainted but regained consciousness and called a few family friends to rush in reinforcements. As the local husband’s union moved in, Pipi had gathered her own gang of girls. Within minutes both gangs clashed and the house looked like it was hosting a parliament session.

 A rather smug looking Arnab
at the hospital. Is this a PR stunt?
Cops moved in and tried to bring peace but the warring groups were in no mood to listen. A call to home ministry followed,  a battalion of the Rapid Action Force was flown in from Dibrugarh and Section 144 clamped in the area and its vicinity. Arnab was hospitalized for a brief period and discharged after first aid. Both he and his wife have been taken into preventive custody. Union home minister P Chiduji will make a statement on the incident on the floor of the house on Friday.


Saru Singhal said…
Pappu picture is very cool...Funny post and BTW another storm can build into a hurricane today. I heard that it was named Katrina initially but then changed it to Katia...I hope coming hurricane brings dispute to Thapar's house...It would be super fun:)
Thanks Saru :) gosh whats with the US and hurricanes...Katia..:) what a weird name..thank god these guys dont follow all numerology stuff that Times of India peddles all the time..else you would have hurricanes bearing weird names and funny spellings ;) Katrina would become Kathaereennaaaa ;))) Hurricane in Thapar's house? it will leave mid way yaa just like jayalalitha and bal thackrey left mid way without finishing their interview and tapar had become extraordinarily obnoxious :)
Rajesh said…

You write very well. Its a joy to read these tongue in cheek posts. Arnab is my favorite anchor, I believe that he is an institution in himself, fearless to a fault!

He was one of the pillars of August Kranti-1, I wait for Phase-II to begin.

Happy writing.
Anand said…
hahahahahaaaa :)
Great stuff as usual... Especially your digs on Arnab and Barkha.. Too good :)
Hi thing i really admire abt arnab other than his passion for the his unbiased coverage...unlike his other peers whose reportage is suspicious...but yea sometimes he forgets that he is an anchor and not a lawyer :)))thanks for the comment and welcome to HU :)
Thanks Anand..have fulfilled your request buddy :)
Anand said…
yeah... thankie... Loved your latest post on Barkha as well. Keep going :)

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