Scientists isolate Lady Gaga gene in mice

In what they claim is a breakthrough, scientists at the Maryland, US-based National Human Genome Research Institute have isolated a gene that’s gives rise to Lady Gaga type behavior among rodents. The so-called breakthrough has however been condemned by many scientists and common citizens alike who have asked the institute to indulge in 'serious research' instead of wasting time grabbing headlines.

Sources say that the identified gene is part of a cluster of MMP genes, which localize to chromosome 11q22.3. While in normal humans and mice, its expression is restricted by the epigenome which acts as a repressor, in rare cases, the repression mechanism fails and the gene manages to express itself leading to the birth of what researchers call Ratty Gaga or the rodent version of Lady Gaga.

Ratty Gagga
Scientists associated with the project are excited by the discovery. “This means that you can have the Gaga types among rodents too and that is something we are really gaga about,” a geeky scientist told Humor Unplugged over a skype chat trying hard to control his laughter.

Other scientists were however not so excited by the discovery. “How will this help us? It is due to such bogus research that we are losing millions of dollars every year. Instead of focusing on genuine research that will help mankind, these jokers are fooling around with bogus stuff to play to the gallery,” a US scientist said.

Angry US citizens asked the institute to get serious and stop fooling around with taxpayers money. “Money doesn’t grow on trees you see. Why would someone even think of isolating something like this? These guys should try and decipher the genetic code to reactivate the Vermiform appendix by seeding it with appropriate bacteria so that we can start eating grass again like our ancestors. If the S&P guys downgrade us again, we might have to do that,” a concerned US citizen said. All Republican White House aspirants have unanimously condemned the institute for this discovery and called the whole thing a "sneaky part of Obama's personal agenda".


Mishi said…

pure hilarious!
Hey thanks Mishi :))))
~Serendipity~ said…
:D :D My stomach is hurting coz I laughed so hard :D
Saru Singhal said…
I went GAGA over this post...I was thinking about her the other night as I see freaked out teenagers copying her. BTW her meat dress,GROSS!!! I wish she can read your post,lol:)
Hi Serendipity :) thanks and welcome back...been a while since I heard from you..hope u are doing well :) trust me i had so much fun writing this one...esp the Ratty gaga part :D
:D Saru...dont worry yaar its just a passing phase...everyone moves on to better things..:) better icons too...and i dont think she will be reading this one..dont think she reads anything for that matter :)
Anonymous said…
naughty and cute one!
Thanks Yaar :) the ratty gaga is truly cute ;)))

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