Raj Thackeray attacks own house, burns it down

Just a day after NASA found more evidence to indicate that all life on planet earth may have originated in space the neo-racist No Nirman Sena chief launched a hate campaign against all earthlings – including himself.

We are aliens?
Smoke billows from Raj's home
Scientists have been reporting the presence of building blocks of DNA in meteorites since early 60s, but were unsure whether they were created in space or the result of contamination by terrestrial life. However, latest research conducted by NASA researchers indicates that certain nucleobases - the building blocks of our genetic material – are reaching the Earth on meteorites in greater numbers and diversity than previously thought. The discovery has added to a growing body of evidence that the chemistry inside asteroids and comets is capable of making building blocks of essential biological molecules.

As soon as this news hit the wires a few scientific journals, including the one Raj Thackeray has subscribed to, picked it up and published it on front page. Few went a step further and concluded that we earthlings are migrants and have taken over this planet from the locals whose daily bread we have snatched. When the No Nirman Sena chief heard this news he was highly disturbed and started flinging things around.

Within a few hours, Raj got angrier, stepped outside his house and damaged a few vehicles that were parked in his compound. He then vandalized his own house and set fire to it before people could restrain him. “We are all alien migrants. We have no right to snatch the livelihood of local earthlings and we should go back to our own planet or comet or whatever. We don’t belong in here,” he said. Police have taken him into custody and are now on the look out for a sophisticated pysciatric facility to deposit him. 


Mishi said…
hahahahahaha Hilarious !! OMG Mishi lubs your style of writing and just wants to eat it up;p (yeh be thankful that its just the style that em talking about;p)
Oh i am thankful Mishi...am grateful in fact :))))
Ifra Khaliq said…
hehe funny buddy!
y u no follow me :D
Thanks Ifra and I do follow you dear :)))I read every single blog of yours...you are fab :)
Saru Singhal said…
He and his gang is good at burning down things. Now, his madness has taken a toll on his house. I am little worried about the facility in which he will be admitted for treatment. LOL...:)
Hemant said…
Wow....awesome..and suit to the name of ur blog....'Just the way you like it..."

I loved it...
keep writing dude..
Thanks Hemant...thanks for the generous comment...:) and stay locked..the best is yet to come :)
:D:D dont worry Saru...the facility is in our capital...it is called parliament ;)))
Rishi said…
Hahaha...this is hilarious!
thanks Rishi, :) glad you liked it...:)
Anonymous said…
ROFL.. What a sarcastic post!!
Loved it!! I so wanted to be this blunt and write about that not-so-gentleman! but I felt great after readign what u wrote!
Great job!
Hi MetaG thanks for the comment..yea trust me I feel that way too...I hate jokers who split the nation in the name of votes...

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