Nation celebrates International Beer Day

International Beer Day was celebrated with much fervour and vibrancy across the nation today. People started thronging bars, pubs and other places in the wee hours to pay their respects to the king of drinks. President, PM and other leaders greeted the nation on the occasion and urged citizens to imbibe the 'better things' symbolized by beer.

Speaking at a special event organized in Parliament, President Pratibha Patil said “scams, defeat of the Indian team overseas, bloodbath at sensex and corruption symbolize the reality of our times. We are indeed going through a rough patch and need to look up to anything that offers hope and joy even if it is momentary”. Speaking at the same function, Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said that the nation was now self-sufficient in beer production and the credit for this should go to his government and not some beer-guzzling calendar pedaling senile casanova wannabe.

Mallya's portrait was unveiled in the
Central Hall of Parliament few
days back
A special portrait of beer baron Vijay Mallya was unveiled in the Central Hall of parliament a few days back. The unveiling which was originally supposed to happen today to coincide with International Beer Day was however done last week, since UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi had to fly to US for a surgery. Senior UPA leaders addressed a small gathering which had assembled at that event and remembered the 'invaluable contributions' made by Mallya to the nation- including the Kingfisher Calender.

Mallya celebrated the day by giving away crates of beer to Kingfisher models, who were on a strict diet.


Vijay Menon said…
seems like an exclusive.Copyright before Arnab steals this one.
Saru Singhal said…
With this post who are hero of half of the youth of India...LOL...BTW we should celebrate your Bday as humor day...
And, a girl who is waiting for his beloved for months, 5 days of August will look like eternity....:)As a person even I don't believe in this crap but as a poet I can say anything:):):)
hahah :D will do that the way Arnab is still in hospital ;)
Vijay Menon said…
Hospital ? :O Must be looking after Sonia ;)
Saru :) there you are..yea i can understand..eternity is a very subjective subject and subjects people in ways that cannot be defined. And let me tell you a secret...being a poet, your chances of being sued by the likes of arindam chaudari is much less..:)when compared to yours truly ;)
:D The great anti corruption crusader Vijay strikes careful buddy one more theory and the CWG office might hire you :D
Vijay Menon said…
LOL anti-corruption crusader- me ? Didn't u see I am for it? :P
And CWG office- dream job!
Krishnan Bala said…
Dear B'Knight,
This is a fantastic piece in the honour of the nation which has with single minded devotion imbibed barrels of the brew in a sheer act of patriotism un-known to any other nation. The ancient script which enunciates " the more you imbibe the higher you fly" has been proved to be true. How ever my neighbour Ms.Padukone dis-agrees stating that the spirit stays active only for a few hours if not days as she experienced it first hand !
Vijay..never know how things change..oh sorry and did i say CWG...i meant CAG ;))) might still be a dream job :))
Thanks Bala for the visit and the generous comment :) Miss Kone and her spirit are quite well known in bollywood circles ;)
Purba said…
Our PM needs a big mug of frothy beer preferably not Kingfisher. The poor chap hasn't smiled the last seven years.
:D haha yea Purba..he def needs to make it large ;))
Tia said…
again a gud one pj...:))) hey where's the ratings boxes?
thanks doo...the boxes will return :)) soon they are on a vacation
Anand said…
Awesome.. LOL :)

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