Nation braces itself for record increase in efficiency as Babus go on mass leave

Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption has hopefully scored its first boundary.

Team Anna today asked government employees across the country to go on mass leave on Wednesday to show solidarity with Anna Hazare. The Indian government and citizens across the nation are hoping that the babus will listen to Anna and go a mass unpaid leave tomorrow thereby saving millions and increasing the average national efficiency ratio.

“Yes, you heard it right. Government employees are responsible for a 34.72 percent dip in per capita efficiency in India. If they go on mass leave, just for a day, the national efficiency will rise dramatically and the figures could be mind boggling. These babus have also eclipsed genuine hardworking people in the government and those people may become visible once the incompetent ones goes on mass leave,” an analyst with an international employee productivity firm said.

Anna fever is gripping the nation
Humor Unplugged has learnt that lazy bureaucrats across the nation have already decided to go on leave tomorrow using Anna’s crusade as an excuse. A bureaucrat drilled by Arnab Goswami on his show revealed that he was planning to wake up by 4:30 pm tomorrow as opposed to his regular time of 12:00 pm. Others however didn't share his optimism as many bureaucrats were apprehensive of even waking up tommorow, sources said.

“Our movement is not just against corrupt politicians and babus but also against the unproductive and the incompetent ones and by going on mass unpaid leave these government officials will do their bit for the movement as the country will save plenty of money,” a civil rights activist said.

When asked to comment on the appeal by Anna, Union Home minister P Chiduji said, "It is a completely wrong call. In a free country, anybody can give wrong calls. Infact I get over 30 telemarketing calls every single day. But if our bureaucrats want to chill tomorrow, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t. After all we could all do with a little break."


Anand said…
LOL... these bapus are the driving force behind nation's inefficient workforce :)
Saru Singhal said…
LOL, Why wake up at all? Who is giving call to him??? And thanks for adding me in your network, just wanted to write where everyone can read...:)
Hi Anand..yea top it all..they are corrupt this one is dedicated to them :0
:) Thanks to you Saru :) I guess their wives are waking them up..will have to check with the guy who filed this story :))
Anand said…
Hey add me on indiblogger pls.. :)
sure Anand..have send u an invite :)

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