M S Dhoni temple vanishes overnight

In what could a telling commentary on the varying degree of affiliation of Indian fans with the Indian cricket team, a temple in Ranchi devoted to skipper M S Dhoni has vanished overnight after England inflicted a crushing defeat on Team India yesterday.

“It was over there (pointing to vacant land) till yesterday night. Yesterday, I had gone there and conducted some poojas(rituals) for the Indian team. The priest of the temple who is a former cricketer himself had assured me that the team will win this test match irrespective of the current situation. Today morning when I came to collect a pair of keeping gloves as blessings, the temple was not there. The priest was nowhere to be seen and the whole area wore a deserted look. I wonder what happened,” a puzzled team India devote said.

When we contacted the cops in the area, they said that the matter was under investigation and it is too early to blog. “In the future when the team wins again, the temple will be back and you will have another story to crow about,” a cop said.

The land where the temple once stood


Sneha Sunny said…
how can this be possible??
I dont know Sneha...maybe just like sumone else accessed your gmail account :((
Saru Singhal said…
Well, I love the way you come up with ideas. If I tell this post to my mom, she is such a cricket freak, she will believe it without even giving it a thought. The best part is after thinking, she will say- He deserves. He is not playing well these days. LOL, Need I say, It's a great post!:)
:D sure please tell her that the nation has started extracting revenge on its captain :)...and thanks for the compliment... especially for taking time out to comment on each one of my posts..really appreciate that :) big THANKS :)
Mishi said…
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the way you right! wish could steal your magic!!

hehehe..be careful now;p
:D thanks Mishi... :)you rock...:) :)
Tia said…
gr8 1 poof :)

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