Germany declares poking over Facebook illegal

After imposing a blanket ban on tagging pictures on Facebook, Germany has taken another 'concrete' step towards isolating social media users in that country. Germany has asked Facebook to disable the poke feature and given the company two weeks to comply with the diktat.

Hamburg’s data protection agency claims that the poke feature violates German and European privacy laws as well as people’s ability to control their private space. “The other day I when I logged in, nearly 13 people had poked me and 7 of them had thrown sheep at me, which in my opinion is an absolute disgrace. Today you throw sheep online and tomorrow you may graduate to throwing slippers offline on our highly respected and honorable politicians. Where will all this stop,” a German data protection official said.

Hamburg’s data protection agency has threated to impose an exemplary fine of $500 if the “illegal poking business” does not stop by the end of August. “Our chancellor has taken a serious view of the whole issue and we are monitoring Facebook. After August 30 if anyone is found poking around, we will take strict action against them,” the official added. Representatives from Facebook declined to comment on the development.


Raji said…
Love your hunour.
Mishi said…
OMG seriously? hahahahahaha....the idea of poking could be this disturbing..I never thought that...but there is logic in his statement if you read it carefully...there is a connection between poking and throwing slippers..lolz
Mishii :) oh I didnt connect the dots..i mean who would have thought from pokes to slippers ;) Gotta hand it over to the German government officials....
Mishi said…
who said you connected the dots?! em not giving you my credit here;p
oh god :((((( ;) arrey credit goes to the Germans...and you better watch out..soon they make commenting on blogs about Germany illegal :)));)
Saru Singhal said…
These German, I tell you have to make an issue of everything. I'm writing as if they are actually throwing sheeps...LOL It's not my fault as I take your words very seriously. LOL...Fun reading your posts :)
Thanks Saru...was actually waiting for your comment...didnt hear from you on my previous two posts :( but here you are none the less :) hope the Dhoni debate is over ;)
Ifra Khaliq said…
hehehe that was funny!
poking is fun. but :D
Thanks Ifra :) and welcome to Humor Unplugged :)
Tia said…
now how do we talk to Laura poof ? :D
We might have to find other ways of poking her doo...may be mayyyyy be we can send her a poke by courier...u know we poke the courier guy and they deliver the poke across ;)))
Anand said…
hahahaa... very nice again!! This serious connection of throwing sheep and slippers is hilarious :)

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