Desperate Indian PM looks at Yahoo for answers

We all knew that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was not happy with the way things were shaping up in his administration. But we didn’t realize things were so bad.
New Delhi, Aug 18: In a desperate move, Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh has posted a query on Yahoo Answers asking for suggestions (and answers) from netizens on how to put his house in order after a spate of scandals and ill timed moves diminished the stature of his administration. Clearly, the onslaught by crusader Anna Hazare has shaken the PM and forced him to seek unconventional channels to find ways to put things back on track before the next general elections. 
Any answers?
When Humor Unplugged logged on to Yahoo answers today morning, we were shocked to see the posed by the beleagured Indian PM. The question was asked sometime in the morning and 4 people had already answered it when we last checked. Sources in the PMO whom we woke up early morning were tight lipped and grouchy and refused to comment on the news, even on the condition of anonymity.
Many political analysts we contacted were asleep and their wives scolded us for calling them so early. We have learnt that Arnab Goswami has already taken a color print out of the Yahoo web page and is practising waving it so that he can do the same in his show today evening.   
To answer this question and to help our PM with good suggestions, simply click here


Mishi said…
lolz..I wonder if Zardari has the same thought some day!! what will be the YAhoo Answer for that!! I will check it if you know what I mean;p
:D I will check too Mishi..lets see who catches him first there ;))
Poor fellow, even Yahoo can't help him now it seems...:(
Yea Irfan...its too late :((
Vijay Menon said…
Man i keep this saying for every post now, - THIS ONE WAS THE BEST I HAVE SEEN!
Thanks Vijay...thanks a ton..:))
Saru Singhal said…
For a moment when I clicked on that yahoo link, I thought it's real. What's wrong with me? I guess, I should stay away from my political aspirations or else I'll be useless in no time...
Great one again:)
:D Thanks Saru...yea...but dont worry you will be fine...we need more of you around esp in the blog world :)))
Anand said…
Oh my Gosh!! If man-mo-han singh recruits me as his advisor, my first advise would be to divorse sonia :p
As always, a best post man...

@Saru; your high political ambitions will bring you back to India for standing in elections I guess :)
Raji said…
Good fun, reading your posts. I particularly love the way you go after Arnab:-)
Hi Raji thanks :) its fun to go after him...we have very few livewire anchors like I dont have a choice there you see ;)
hahaha very well-written. keep going...

zephyr flare
Thanks Sudha will check out ur blog too :)

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