China raising an air intrusion squadron

Tired of intruding into its neighbors territory via land, China is now actively working towards opening a new intrusion frontier across its borders with neighbors. Humor Unplugged has been learnt that the under development stealth aircraft J-20 (Chengdu) will be used by a specialized air intrusion wing that is being raised by China. The squadron will be headed by People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) commander Gen. Yukk Thoo Chin.

J-20 (Chengdu) prototype taking off 
China is eagerly waiting for the completion of the project. But if China’s track record is anything to go by, that will remain a pipe dream. China’s last jet project- the J-10 was a disastrous flop with the plane bagging just one customer outside China and no prizes for guessing who brought it – Pakistan. The J-10 has been called a ‘maintenance nightmare’ by sources within China and the PLAAF engineers are having a hard time keeping these birds flying fit. Little wonder China is acting generous and offering these planes away at throwaway rates.

Coming back to the intrusion story, China has so far been intruding into its neighbor’s territory via land and sea while it chose to avoid the air route as its air force didn’t have stealth jets that could fly in and out of enemy territory without being shot at. The arrival of J-20 may change all that and the Chinese aren’t trying to hide their enthusiasm over the plane and its projected powers.

“Chinese cannot keep their arms away from their neighbour’s territory. They feel that it is their birth right to intrude and poke their noses into the internal affairs of their neighbours. So far they have been quite successful in intruding across their border and now they plane to intrude from the skies using a stealth jet,” a Hong Kong based defence analyst told Humor Unplugged over a Ham Radio conversation.

Gen. Yukk Thoo Chin has taken command of PLAAF’s Lanzhou Military Region and will be overseeing the transformation of the 6th Fighter, the 36th Bomber and 37th Fighter divisions into an air intrusion squadron. Chin, was formerly handling intrusion responsibilities for a mountain brigade in Xinjiang province. “When I was a kid I used to intrude into my neighbour’s house to steal cookies. In my teens, I used to sneak into my uncle’s house to take his bike for a ride. When I joined the PLA, I managed to intrude into the highly fortified home of my general to steal cigarettes. I was about to be executed but then someone said my intrusive powers could be put to good use by the army and that’s how it all started. Today no one in the world is as intrusive as the forces under my command,” Gen. Chin said.  



Saru Singhal said…
LOL, Pakistan can buy anything as they are using Uncle Sam's money and last paragraph is so well written...ROFL...:)
:D thanks Saru..ya as long as uncle Sam is bank rolling em no problems...:)

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