Breaking news: Dayanidhi Maran caught looting London store during riots

In a development that is sure to cause concern and embarrassment to the Indian government, the UK government has alleged that former union minister and owner of 323 phones Dayanidhi Maran was among the crowd that looted a hardware store in Wood Green High Road during the recent riots. The British High Commission in the national capital has already taken up the matter and submitted evidence to this conclusion to the Indian government while urging it to take immediate and stringent action against Maran.

The incident occurred a few days back when Maran was on a personal visit to London. Sources say that when the former union minister found himself trapped in a mob that was on the rampage, he joined in and looted a few stores and brought the loot to his hotel the same night. He then shipped the goods back home and came back to India on a return flight on Saturday.

The pic supplied by BHC
Our sources in the government have confirmed the development but refused to confirm the details. “We are currently investigating the charges and Maran has been asked to report to the national capital within the next 24 hours. He will be interrogated by RAW and we will only be able to officially update you after that,” our mole in the external affairs ministry said.

Humor unplugged has obtained the exclusive image supplied by the British High Commission showing Dayanidhi Maran looting the hardware store. The UK government, sources say, has further alleged that the hardware stolen were telecom equipment, including one EPABX personal exchange.  


Saru Singhal said…
LOL...Why go overseas when they can steal everything here and that too officially. May be there is no thrill in it and he wants some
:D he is done with India he wants more..much much more...more thrill, more money and more telecom stuff ;)))
Anand said…
ROTFL.. Enjoyed reading it :)
Saru Singhal said…
Please add me in your indiblogger network, I send you request last week and I'm still waiting:) Poor me, HP owner is too busy with meetings with politicians and business tycoons...:)
Thanks Anand glad you loved it :))
Saru...i can make the whole wait but not you ;) I had accepted the request long are in my network yaar :)) check naa...else will have to create anotehr id and send u a request :D
Vijay Menon said…
Awesome man! That's the best cook-up I've seen for a long time
Hey thanks buddy :) DMK is the inspiration here :)

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