All parties in the civil society-government dialogue are showing flexibility: Sri Sri

His holiness (Sri)2 Ravi Shankar said yesterday that all parties in the ongoing discussion over  Jan Lokpal bill were showing extraordinary flexibility thanks to his yoga sessions. The claim was made in an exclusive two minute Skype chat the AOL founder had with Humor Unplugged yesterday.
Sri Sri laughing over a joke he
heard two years ago
“You see I have been roped into the whole process for a reason and that is to ensure that everyone is as flexible as required so as to ensure the bill is passed smoothly. I have spent hours together with so many people from both sides teaching them various yoga postures to ensure maximum flexibility in dialogue,” (Sri)2 said.

Dismissing allegations that he was joining the process for sake of publicity, (Sri)he said "that my friend is a lie. I am not here to earn another Sri. I have enough 'Sris' to last this lifetime so I am not chasing fame or glory. Though I don't mind all that media attention". 
He also said that he had he could not fly in to join the movement earlier since there were no business class tickets available in any of the flights from Bangalore.    


Sunil Deepak said…
Good to see a fan of the wonderful Guru! :)
:D thanks Sunil..;) he is indeed an yet to figure out in what way...will update u once i do that ;))
Good one. I liked the (Sri)2!
:) thanks Hari :) sri*sri :)
hey :) thanks yaar been a while...hop you are doing good..
Saru Singhal said…
Believe me, just now I logged to Indiblogger and another Anna Hazare post...If you accumulate the articles and posts written about him, it will be lengthier than our constitution. Your post is too good, especially the Sri Sri
:D but this one is about sri sri sri ravi shankar, Saru :)
magiceye said…
:) that was fun!
Avalok said…
He should have joined Anna in the fast unto death....and i would have advised Govt to keep mum forever.
Yea Avalok i agree...but sri sri is in it only for the free publicity
yash1229 said…
Glad to see another devotee of Sri Sri Ravishankar.
He inspires me. :)

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The Tablet Revolutionary
Thanks Yash...will promote your post buddy :)

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