Aishwarya Rai’s first hubby is a big Anna Hazare fan

Former Miss world and actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s first husband, a Varanasi-based Banyan tree Ficus is a big fan of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare. The now divorced husband had met the leader few years back when Anna came to Varanasi to lead an agitation against corruption in civic bodies here.

Ficus with Anna
“Yes, I am deeply inspired by him. In a world filled with shallow leaders with wafer thin egos and equally thin intellect, Anna stands out as a visionary and as a champion of the masses. I have had the pleasure of meeting him during one of his visits to Varanasi and feel he is a blessing for the nation and its people,” the huge banyan tree told Humor Unplugged.

Speaking about his past relationship with Aishwarya, he says that he does not regret the relationship or the marriage. “We were both young those days. I was just out of another relationship and so was she and we were both seeking solace in each other and I must say we have spent some memorable time together cracking jokes about lichens, exploring the working of chloroplast and talking about electron transport chain in the mitochondrion and oxidative phosphorylation. Everything happened so fast that before we could push the pause button, we were married and I am not sure if that is what we wanted to do and so we decided to revisit our relationship. We were just not ready for that kind of commitment," Ficus said.

Aish with Ficus 
Speaking about his future he says that he still has years to live and is working hard to set his priorities right. “I have lots to do and I am not sure where I will be 50 years from now. But come what may you will still see me doing photosynthesis with pride and joy. The anti-corruption movement has given a new meaning to my life and the fact that I could meet Anna has definitely helped me think more clearly. The world knows me as Aishwarya Rai's divorced husband but, I want to develop an identity of my own - independent of my former wife”.

He also said that he doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards his former wife. “I wish her all the best. I hope her husband starts doing some quality movies and ads instead of the amoeboid stuff that he has been doing offlate,” he said.


Mishi said…
hahahahaha AALA! I almost forgot who her first hubby was!;p
Mishi said…
hahahahaha AALA! I almost forgot who her first hubby was!;p
Vijay Menon said…
ROFL.... AWESOME MAN! Now do I have to say this the best one so far? :P
thanks Mishi :) aab yaad aaaya?? :)))
Thanks Vijay :) whats up with you...haven't updated your blog in a while...looks like a big one is due :) tk care
Sujatha Sathya said…
LOL - first hubby?? i was like lekin sallu ki aur uski shaadi kab hui thi !!
u resurrected her first husband the tree in people's minds
:) thanks Sujatha, many had forgotten about the first hubby that Aish had...poor guy...i dont know abt anything else but I am sure he can act better than her current husband :))
Anand said…
LOL as usual... Was thinking for a while who her first hubby was! :)
Saru Singhal said…
LOL, I was in Mumbai when she got married second time and radio stations were playing all sorts of jokes about her first marriage. This post is a treat for me as I don't like her much. My weekend is not that great, Hurricane Irene on US east coast from Friday...:(
:) don't worry Anand so many of us have forgotten him...Ash would have earned my respect if she wouldn't have ditched the banyan :(( they make a good pair :)))
:) thanks again Saru...yea i loved writing this fact I have been writing about her since quite sometime as she always gives me a reason to write about her ;) You take care...have heard that it rained a foot yesterday and that millions have gone powerless...:(( the sun will shine again don't worry...will be with you till then :)

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