Air India to sue Gulf Air for copying patented mishap

Gulf Air flight GF 270, carrying 137 passengers, had a narrow escape today morning when it skidded off the runway and came to a halt in muddy areas, damaging its nose wheel. There is no denying the fact that this was a textbook mishap. But, folks at Air India beg to differ as they feel that the incident was a deliberate and desperate ploy by Gulf Air to gain sympathy and passengers.

Air India’s PRO Chubbu Kumar, in an exclusive interview with Humor Unplugged claims that the 135 degree angle at which the GF 270’s nose wheel came to rest is typical of an Air India skid off patented by the carrier few years back. “Our then honourable minister for civil and not so civil aviation and Dawood’s friend Sri Praful Patel had asked us to patent the whole thing since many of our planes were skidding off and landing at that angle and yes we did file and receive a patent for the same. Gulf Air has infringed on our patent on such landings and we will file a case against them”.

He also claimed that Gulf Air was trying hard to gain sympathy from the national media and get some passengers in the bargain. "They feel that this will put them on par with us and that is a mistake. No one can equal us. I mean we are unique even when it comes to mishaps," Kumar said sipping tea from Air India crockery he had 'deferred' a few years back.

All calls to Gulf Air went unanswered but a person who returned one of our calls denied all reports of patent infringement. He also went on to deny that famous music director Bhappi was on the almost doomed flight and that the accident happened because Bhappi suddenly turned towards the window without informing the cabin crew, while the plane was taking off.

The Indian government has appointed a high level committee comprising P Chidu, Kapil Sibal and former cricketer Chetan Sharma to investigate the incident and submit a report. The team has already started its work and arrested 3 roadside tea vendors outside the airport in a mid-day swoop.  


Anand said…
hahahahaaa.. ROTFL... good one man :)
Saru Singhal said…
Too too too good...Air India is famous for three things- Mishap, Strike and rude staff...BTW I was not aware that Mr Patel is Dawood friend:)lol
:) yea Saru Praful Patel is close to Naresh Goyal of Jet Air who is Dawood's close friend..:( these two have together killed the airline...:((
Ramnath said…
superb ...i like it very much...btw y chetan sharma??
:) thanks Ramnath..sharma's appointment shows how serious the govt is about the whole thing ;))

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