What dementia? Kalmadi is expanding his Google+ friends list

Looks like CWG crook Suresh Kalmadi has forgotten that he has dementia.

We all knew that Kalmadi was faking the whole ‘dementia’ thingi and now we have irrefutable proof of Kalmadi being allright. Humor Unplugged has learnt that Kalmadi has been expanding his friends list on Google+ and as late as yesterday evening, many of his friends reported receiving an invitation from the CWG goon himself. Some of them have also been added by Kalmadi to circles in his friends list.

“I was shocked. I mean he is supposed to have dementia and on top of that they don’t allow prisoners to access net, let alone social media sites, inside Tihar. But Kalmadi seems to be on top of things. He has added me to his friends circle and has even tagged me in a pic of a collapsed CWG stadium wing,” a contractor who had constructed a stadium for CWG claimed.

Few others were equally surprised by the turn of events. “I received an invite while I was jamming with a Nauruan Jazz band and I almost fainted and collapsed and the stage collapsed as it could not bear my weight. How could this be? I have never had any direct contact with Mr Kalmadi. He was actually supposed to invite me for stress testing some of the CWG infrastructure but that never happened and here he is adding me to his friends list on Google+. Something is definitely wrong,” almost Grammy nominated musician and chubby legend Bhappi Lahiri said.    

Sustained investigations by Humor Unplugged's Social Media correspondent have revealed that the account is connected to a Gmail id owned by Kalmadi. The CWG thug had opened 3 Gmail accounts during the games and was simultaneously chatting with multiple contractors to remind them of his share using various browsers.

Humor Unplugged's Social Media correspondent


Saru Singhal said…
LOL, this is very funny and Humor Unplugged has learnt , hmmm, nice touch!:)
Mishi said…
hahahahahaha you are hilarious ! and what I liked best abt this read was the photo of your of your social media correspondent! he is cute! can i engage him with something i wanna know about somebody on a social media site?;p i will return him to you i promise..tho he will refuse to come back..once he meets me..wink wink;p
:D:D he is all yours mishi...on one condition...you have to give him a good story to bark about...he is more of a investigative doggie...loves to explore and meet new people :) will ask him to get in touch with you ;)
Mishi said…
haha oh dont you worry...i have some pretty big stories too;p
allrigthy then..he is all yours Mishi :)
Mishi said…
haha thankz:) now go and grab your awards.they are waiting for you on my page:-)
joe said…
brillinato :)

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