Royal UK Mujaheddin claims responsibility for Murdoch attack

A little known militant group calling itself the ‘Royal UK Mujaheddin’ has claimed responsibility for the attack on Newcorp owner and patriarch Rupert Murdoch.

In a mail sent out to various publications in UK and elsewhere, the Royal UK Mujaheddin claimed that they attacked Murdoch out of sheer boredom and there was no bogus grievance whatsoever behind the attack. “It’s been ages since we saw sunlight and we were tired of watching reruns on TV so we decided to step out and get some press coverage for ourselves. Please let us know if we have succeeded,” a mail sent by the group said.

The group also claimed that the pie used in the attack was a 10-day old one and is part of its desire to evolve into a full fledged bio-chem warfare unit in the future. "Today it is the humble pie. Tomorrow it will be pro biotic curd and day after it will be stale tofu..fear the wrath of the Royal UK Mujaheddin, UKers, Britishers or whoever is reading this email," the email warned. The email came with a read receipt request. "We are still fixing the wokachis (bugs) in our mass mailing application and are worried that some mails will not get delivered thanks to the infidel spam filters on your cave dwelling servers. So please to be confirming the arrival of this email in your mailbox," the well composed email said.

On the future plans of the group, the mail says “We will also continue to hound you with such publicity stunts till we find a genuine fake cause for us to take up and start blowing up. Till then we would like to extend our sincere apologies for any misgivings. Google willing, we will be up on Google+ soon and so please add us to your circles and squares there”.

Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng meanwhile drew applause for the way she handled the assailant. Armed with just a 2300 page copy of Newscorp’s latest annual filings, Wendi thrashed the daylights out of the assailant who for a moment thought that he was in his own house. “It was almost like it was my wife out there and I simply gave in. The next thing I remember is waking up with my face wrapped in bandages,” the unnamed assailant said.

Interesting TV grab showing Murdoch at  the
the hearing

Humor Unplugged's exclusive image: Eat pie Murdoch 

A member of the Royal UK Mujaheddin with a
wrong map of UK in the background


Saru Singhal said…
Boredom, sounds like terrorists playing pranks.
Mishi said…
lol@the wrong map and coverage...these are bunch of freaks..who got nothing else to do...not even their own wives pay any attention to them!;p

not to mention..i liked it! you must have realized this already! i like all your reads and i liked this one too..keep writing ..your page is motivating me to launch a similar page over our so-not-well national issues! keep writing and keep inspiring me;p
@ Saru..:) someone sure has been naughty ;)
@ Mishi :) thanks a have made my day :) its always a been pleasure to hear from are a passionate blogger...i don't see any reason why you shouldn't start let me know if you need any help...will be more than glad to support you :) thanks again for the kind words.. :)

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