Mayawati and Baba Ramdev are going around…

The latest 'shouldn’t-be-it' couple of Indian politics, monumental disaster Mayawati and the toad tummied publicity seeker Baba Ramdev were spotted together at a Apple store in Lucknow on Thursday. Sources have confirmed that the two were very much a couple and went around the store checking out cool Apple merchandise and chatting away, unmindful of the attention they were drawing from curious staff at the store.

If that information is not enough, then a store rep told Humor Unplugged, “They seemed very much in love. They were in our store for about 10 minutes before an angry mob gathered there and chased them out. "

The two were also spotted together on Wednesday. Mayawati made time to visit her boyfriend, despite her busy schedule. She is currently supervising the construction of a statue of herself in a park in Agra. Ramdev has already gifted his lady love a garland of 1000 notes while Mayawati reciprocated the favor by issuing an government order to construct a statue of Baba in Lucknow right next to her.

Union home ministry sources have declined to comment on the incident citing preoccupation with developments in Karnataka.

A fully-clothed Ramdev gifting a garland made of 1000
Rupee notes to his lady love


Saru Singhal said…
Hahahahaa, Mayawati and Ramdev...Nice work again, I think you like Apple Products...:)
Thanks Saru yea..Apple is one of my fav cos :)
Red Handed said…
Hahahhaha epic! How do u think such stuffs !
Vijay Menon said…
hehehe good one once again :)
Was that a fake store?
@ RH :) thanks...these political jokers have stories written all over them...yu just have to read it ;)
@ Vijay thanks buddy...not sure..will check with our correspondent and let u know ;)
Tia said…
miss bleep rakhi sawant should also be given mention....acco to 'true rumors' she is aft him now ;)
:D no doo she is will chase anything that moves provided sufficient publicity is guaranteed...
joe said…
so do v ve a showdown..loud mouth rakhi sawant vs te elephant mayawati
Imagine Mayawati and Rakhi sawant fighting for your attention...;) baba ramdev should flee the country...while he can ;)))

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