Kacchini – the censor board compliant and morally acceptable swimming trunks

It no secret that the censor board in India uses a razor sharp moral scissor to slice off all kinds of scenes and dialogues from our movies. Though the use of this scissor has been the topic of debate for many a news-devoid news channel, it is only recently that a group of scientists got together to help movie makers avoid the moral scissor. This group has now successfully developed swimming trunks for men and women that will prevent the censor board from chopping “vital to script” scenes involving beaches, pools and ofcourse people.

Announcing the launch of the trunks at a crowded press conference where someone stole our political correspondent Rajcreep Sorefakeeye’s valet, team lead Dr.Hammerschmidst said “these aesthetically designed trunks called Kacchini will help our filmmakers avoid running into trouble with the censor board. They are designed in such a way that our moviemakers will be able to shoot important scenes at beaches and pools without worrying about these scenes being deleted by the board. We have already applied for a patent for the product”.

Speaking exclusively to our blog, a director who didn’t want to be named said “you have no idea what this means. Those pan-chewing babus at the censor board used to always harass me for bribes everytime I used to take my movies for approval. Since most of my movies were about the ingress of saline water from the ocean into coastal groundwater aquifers, there used to be many scenes involving swimwear and most of them were promptly chopped, unless I was ready to shell out a decent ransom to keep them".

Noted trunk historian and paleo-trunkologist Shakti Kappor will be the Kacchini's global brand ambassador.

A Kacchini 


Saru Singhal said…
hahaha... patent...you are king of comic sense...
yeap patent...we have to move towards creating IP Saru so :) ;)

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