Indian government hits right back at Google with its own survey

Within 24 hours of Google declaring India the third most snooping nation in the world, the union government hit right back at the Mountain View California based tech giant with its own report calling it ‘the most snoopy’ service provider.

Assisted by an army of bureaucrats, UPA’s man Friday Kapil Sibal wrote, edited and published a 1000 page document (in under 18 hours) that claims to asses web companies on ‘privacy related issues’. The document called ‘Global Online Privacy Report - 2011’, claims that on many occasions, Google was caught secretly snooping data on Indian citizens and storing it in its server farms across California.

The report claims that Google was also accessing the stored data at will and selling it to select advertisers for monetary consideration. “The fact that this report has been released today is just a coincidence. We were working on the project for almost 6 years now. These so called giants of the digital world must put their house in order before pointing fingers at others,” Sibal lied.

When Humor Unplugged pointed out that Facebook was at number two on the list, Sibal said “the logic is quite simple. You see Google has more info on me than Facebook including my mails, my resume, my search history, my pics, videos and what not? In fact everytime I log on to YouTube, it pops up cartoons that match my interest and I don’t know how they do it. They are obviously saving data on me somewhere".

The bureaucrats were who assisted Sibal were hired on deputation from the Dossier wing of the Home Ministry.

The top-5 web snoopers according to the Indian government report:
  • Google (13000 instances of snooping)
  • Facebook (12450)
  • Bing (9034)
  • Yahoo (7644)
  • Baidu (3478)


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