Images for the week gone by...Carla, rainbow and doughnuts

Careful out there...Sarko seems to be saying 
Nature never ceases to amaze...

Lightening is Belgrade

Volcanic eruption in Indonesia

The Southern Lights are pictured from the space shuttle Atlantis
while visiting the International Space Station

Moon rise in Brasilia 
:) yummmmm


Saru Singhal said…
Moon Rise is the Best!
:)thanks Saru..didnt like the colorful doughnuts?? ;)
Mishi said…
forget about all the other photos..all I want is those doughnuts!!! plz plz plz..send me those;p
:D hahahaha :) will send em as attachment Mishi ;)
Vijay Menon said…
Buddy I am gonna sue you some day for sure for bringing out awesome posts. You're a real killer! :P
BTW donuts for me too, pls :)
@ Vijay :) pl do that..and make sure that u file the case in silichar and name Google as a respondent ;) will help me get famous :D
Vijay Menon said…
grrrr.. ok I agree, you're no easy person to handle.
Tia said…
doughnuts always rulezzz...but 2nd to chocolates!! :D
I kinda agree with u doo ;)

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