Humor Unplugged’s political analyst angry with UPA cabinet reshuffle

It seems like the recent cabinet reshuffle at the Center has shuffled a few feathers outside the government. Humor Unplugged’s inhouse political analyst Boopendra Chowbey was among the first to indicate his anger and dissent at what he terms UPA’s arrogance and its consistent policy of taking the nation for granted.

Penning an editorial for a rival blog, Chowbey wrote “the reshuffle has generated extreme disappointment. The government has let the nation down on multiple fronts and if this is the last instalment of reshuffle that we will be witness to then, I have nothing but seething anger and frothing dissent for the UPA and its constituents. By letting old losers like Mukul Roy and Dawood’s agent Praful Patel stay, by increasing the average age of cabinet to 65 and by keeping seats aside for Veerappan’s DMK, this government has clearly indicated its desire to ignore national interests and pander to coalition politics. It’s wilful ignorance and deliberate connivance in promoting vagabonds is downright dangerous for the nation and we have done nothing to deserve this Malfeasance. I reject this cabinet reshuffle in its entirety and post my complete and outright dissatisfaction with the UPA”.    

Though UPA representatives met Chowbey late last evening to placate him he was in no mood to listen and displayed his trademark stare at UPA. He also returned a jumbo pack of Pedgree that UPA chair holding person Sonia Gandhi had gifted him.

Chowbey displaying his anger
towards UPA


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