H.D. Kumaraswamy begins indefinite fast, commodity prices tumble

Former Karnataka CM H.D. Kumaraswamy began a fast-unto-death today demanding a CBI probe to determine whether his family's Rs.1,500 crore assets were legally acquired or otherwise. As soon as the fast commenced, prices of essential commodities in the state witnessed a minor decline. The former CM is considered to be a top consumer of vegetables and other essential items in Karnataka.

“Yes. Onions, potatoes, beans…the prices of every vegetable is down since yesterday. A negative sentiment was prevailing in the local market as sellers felt that the demand will decline. I can tell you for sure that our worst fears have come true and the sales were indeed down in the first half of trade today. If he continues his fast and his  family doesn’t purchase essential items, you can see a further decline over the next few days,” a vegetable seller said.

Meanwhile state CM Yeddyurappa called an emergency meeting of the state cabinet to discuss ways to prolong Kumaraswamy’s fast. “People are actually happy about this fast and we are doing everything we can to ensure it continues so that the prices continue to fall. The state assembly will be meeting tomorrow and we are trying to get a resolution urging Kumaraswamy to continue his fast passed on the floor of the house. Our CM Yeddyurappa  has already distributed Rs 300 crores among state MLAs for this purpose,” a senior state minister said.

Kumaraswamy's son Chubbuswamy meanwhile said that the fast will continue till a 'sham probe' by any agency exonerates his family. We couldn't continue our conversation with him as he was busy thrashing a local hotelier for refusing to serve him a 3 storey burger at 3 in the morning.

Traders are worried by Kumaraswamy 's fast


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