Bureaucrat develops application for paying bribes using iPhones

An Indian babu has developed an application called i-Bribe that makes bribe payment easier and opaque.

Gooskor Chaipani, a joint secretary in the transport department in Karnataka, found it very difficult to receive and channel bribes because of what he calls logistic and technical difficulties.However, with this application, all that will be history he claims. Using this application, any iPhone user can transfer large amounts of money to hidden bank accounts of babus in different countries. “i-Bribe splits the bribe into smaller payments and sends each payment through a different gateway to several bank accounts in India and abroad. The transaction is masked and encrypted in such a way that the trail is completely wiped by the time the money reaches my bank account,” Gooskor says.    

Gooskor had been working on this idea for the past 9 months as part of the Apple iPhone Developer Program. “True I had the idea. But I also needed time and patience all of which was provided by my department. Eager colleagues also chipped in with much needed inputs on various occasions to functionally enrich the product. They also kept aside my regular share of bribes and commissions while I was busy developing the application. I am currently working on an android version of the application,” the developer said.

“Earlier we had to receive bribes in cash and I was always in danger of being caught red handed with money. With this application we can easily hide our money in foreign accounts,” a bureaucrat said.  

Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa will launch the application on Monday. He will receive a bribe for regularising an encroachment on a lake in Bangalore from a builder. The city corporation will also partake in the festivities by chopping 25 trees. State Lokayukta Santosh Hegde said "I will threaten to resign at the appropriate time on this issue".

You can now pay your bribe using the
i-Bribe application


Harish said…
Necessity is the mother of invention.. well written. :-)
Thanks Harish..completely agree :D

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