Tihar readies Shobraj suite for Maran

Tihar jail authorities have told Humor Unplugged that a special suite, which once housed the notorious crook Charles Shobraj, has been readied for housing DMK’s phone bandit Dayanidhi Maran. Maran, it may be remembered, is now days away from an arrest and possible prosecution in the 2G scam.    

“We have truckloads of evidence against Dayanidhi Maran and are waiting to get our hands on the traitor. The moment we arrest him, we will make sure that he will never have to join a weight loss program in his entire miserable life,” a senior CBI official said.      

At Tihar, meanwhile authorities have decked up the Shobraj suite to house Maran. In addition to a weighing machine which monitors his ill-gotten weight, authorities have also dumped nearly 300 old dysfunctional landlines in the cell to make the DMK MP feel at home. "We have also set aside a sink for DMK Grand Poobah Karunanidhi's extended weeping sessions. He can cry as much as he wants here. He will be visiting this place more often in the future as his entire family is going to settle down here," an official said.    

Maran’s relative Kanni is already staying in the Phoolan suite in Tihar.

Dayanidhi Maran donning the Lalloo look

Dayanidhi Maran's son Chubbunidhi Maran


Vijay Menon said…
Maran must be waiting . the cousins are bound to have a great time - a travel down to their childhood.
here's one of mine on Tihar:
Hey thanks Vijay...am chking your post right now :)

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