Its official: Tom Cruise will star in Ram Lakhan-II

Tom Cruise has been signed on by some Bollywood producer for the second instalment of the highly successful Anil Kapoor starrer Ram Lakhan. The sequel titled Ram Lakhan – the wrath of Shoddy Singh, captures the story of a simple villager from UP and will be shot in exotic locales in New Zealand, Peru, Bolivia and Spain.

Sources in Bollywood have told Humor Unplugged that since Hollywood had so graciously accepted Anil Kapoor, it was only fitting for its Indian cousin to repay the favour. “But unlike the more snobby guys in US, we will be showing Tom in all the trailers and he won’t be a surprise package. He is infact the lead villain Shoddy Singh in the movie,” our source said.    

Blabber mouth Digvijay Singh meanwhile described this development as a 'huge victory for the secular forces in the country'. 


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