Fox News and Times Now join hands

It a strategic move, ‘sensational’ news channels US-based Fox News and voice of Arnab Goswami, Times Now have signed an MoU and a level one agreement to start a new News channel in Asia. The agreement was inked in New York by unidentifiable representatives of both channels on Monday.    

Humor Unplugged has learnt that the new channel will be called Fox Now and will feature arrogant, outspoken and pen poking reporters who will be reporting Fox news style (belligerent and in your face). Spokespersons from both channels were unavailable for comment and our North American correspondent is currently away on vacation in Hawaii.  

“There is plenty of synergy between the two channels. Both thrive on sensationalism and in your face reportage. But while Fox news is considered to be the mouthpiece of right wing, Times Now’s allegiance is still a subject of investigation. The tie up will undoubtedly benefit both parties. Times Now will get a piggy back ride on Fox Network in the US while Fox will get a firm foothold in Asia. But the name Fox Now is seriously funny,” a media analyst told Humor Unplugged.  


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