Digvijay Singh’s firm may bag Pak government’s million dollar bullsh*ting contract

Digvijay Singh owned and promoted Digvijay Bullshi*ters (DB) has entered the final lap of the race to win a US$ 3.5 million Pakistan government contract to provide multi-pronged Bullsh*ting Services (BS) to that country. Digvijay Singh’s firm is among the 5 shortlisted by the Pak government to make a final bid for the contract.

In Jan this year, Pakistan government invited EoIs from firms offering BS from around the world.  In terms of numbers, Pakistan government is today the world’s largest Bullsh*ter with one outrageous statement or immature activity being highlighted every 27 seconds. Due to certain unfavorable domestic circumstances, Pakistan decided to outsource all related activity and floated EoIs for a Multi-Role Wide Range Non-Combat Bullsh*ting Services provider (MRCBS). EoI responses came from around the world including China, Iran, Libya and Australia. Digvijay’s firm is based out of UK and filed a response from London.

After two rounds of elimination, 5 firms are now left in the race. Sources say that a final decision may come as early as this Friday as Pakistani government is planning to hold a cabinet meet this Wednesday to discuss the contract. The winner will get to handle all of Pakistan’s PR activities and defend it at all times from intense media scrutiny through a series of ridiculous attention diverting activities and statements.

“This is a very important contract for us. When Osama moved on to date marine life, we just lost the plot. We didn't have anyone to concoct a completely false story to get us out of trouble. Considering the number of times we get into trouble, we have decided to outsource the bullsh*ting work to an external agency,” said project head and Pakistan’s Interior minister Rehman Malik.

The firm, said to be a front runner in the race, is jointly owned by close friend Amar Singh.

Digvijay Singh and Amar Singh jointly bagged the
Bullsh*ter of the year award 2010


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