Ask Pin anything - Muammar Gaddafi

This week, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi writes in to ask Pin an important question

Oh wise and noble Pin Ying,
I have heard how you denied the great imperialist Angelina Jolie a chance to adopt you. You are great. May god bless you with a million oil wells and deep water ports in pirate free waters to ship oil to customers far away.

As you may have heard, I am in deep trouble. These Western capitalist invaders have started bombing my nation and killing my people all because I am still their leader. Tell me oh blessed one what should I do. Should I resign and admit defeat or should I wait till I am Osamaed? I also want to know if I did something wrong somewhere in my outstanding career.

Dear Gaddafi san,
We are ultimately responsible for our follies. You have forgotten one basic rule of life – retire at your peak. One should never think anything is forever on this planet. Even if you look at nature there is death, every creature dies, energy gets transformed, dominant species become extinct and nothing remains what it was. So how did you think that you can rule forever? Remember you are not married to power and neither is power married to you. You should quit when you are ahead. You had a chance, but didn’t grab it and now you will have to pay the price.

I would suggest you step down now and let a democratically elected government take over. By doing this you will be able to survive for a while. Be wise, admit your mistakes and that will give you enough courage to face your maker after you die. Remember only the bravest have the courage to admit they were wrong. Besides, what have you got to lose?          


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