Ask Pin anything - corruption

This week, a eleven year old asks our agony Panda Pin a very important question

Dear Uncle Pin,
I am writing to you because I am worried about the future of my country. I have read in the newspapers that some people have cheated India of crores of rupees and many of them are walking free today. Why do politicians become dishonest? Will these bad people be brought to justice – ever?
VIth Std., Pune

Dear Vikas,
Your country is going through a tough phase. This is probably the worst period in its post-independence history. Every nation goes through a phase of introspection and India is no exception.

What we are seeing today is the outcome of decades of dishonesty, corruption and insincere and incompetent governance. Dishonest people had started abusing the freedom and responsibility available to them to cheat the nation and its people. When it comes to freedom India is miles ahead of China. I mean here in China I have to seek permission in writing just to visit the restroom. People in India do not understand and appreciate the value of freedom and democracy and that is what makes politicians and people misuse and abuse power.

I am indeed touched by your concern for your nation. You have nothing to worry. India is much stronger than these scams and will survive them and emerge stronger than ever. As far as crooks who are unpunished go, they won’t be able to escape for long. Even if they escape, their kids will end up paying for their crimes. You see nothing good can ever come out of an evil deed. And always remember, you can never run fast enough to escape from the results of your deeds. If you have done good, you get good and if you were corrupt, then even god cannot save you.  

Your generation must learn from politicians like Dayanidhi Maran, Kalmadi, Kanni etc. They have taught you a valuable lesson. You shouldn’t be like them when you grow up and lead the nation tomorrow. I sure hope and pray that your kid will never have to write a similar letter to Uncle Pin tomorrow.


Deepthi Rajan said…
Love Agony Uncle Pin, wise guy!
Yea deeps..Uncle Pin ;)is the wisest :)
madhukar said…
Dear Bangloreknight

You should join back Sulekha...we miss you there
Hey buddy :) guess what I will :) in fact I am... :)

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