Al Qaeeda wants Osama's recovered slipper

Treasure hunter Bill Warren has been called a clown many times before. But he wanted to offer concrete proof to all believers and therefore embarked on doing what could turn out to be the biggest joke of his forgettable existence – to recover the body of Pakistani army’s guest terrorist Osama Bin Laden. His attempt bore nuts on Monday morning with the recovery of what Bill claims is the first piece of this jigsaw puzzle.    

Who is Bill?
California-based Bill salvages stuff from ship wrecks for a living. When he heard about Osama, he told himself ‘now that’s a wreck you don’t wanna miss'. Over the past 3 decades, Bill, claims to have discovered over 150 wrecks and recovered loot that totals several million dollars.

Within the first 10 hours of the search itself, Bill’s crew came across a slipper purported to be that of the dreaded terrorist. The slipper was found adrift nearly 800 nautical miles south of Karachi port. The excited team scanned the entire area using sonar and a deep sea diving team was immediately sent down to survey the depths. However, till the end of the first day’s search, nothing else was recovered and the team went back to their mother ship to prepare for another day.

History of the slipper
The recovered slipper according to historians is the same one which Osama wanted to fling at former US president George Bush Jr. Apparently, the slipper and his Kalashnikov were Osama’s most prized possessions and he wouldn't walk around without them. The slipper was procured from a shop in Multan in Pakistan and Osama had even got hit by it once.

The story goes that few years back Osama joked about a dish prepared by one of his wives to a Pakistani army doctor on a routine visit. But the lady concerned didn't appreciate Osama's sense of humor. Within minutes she went quietly, removed the slipper from Osama’s feet and thrashed him with it. A dazed Osama was left speechless and Al Qaeeda’s PR wing had to reschedule a threatening video shoot planed for that day.

Bill has promised to keep Humor Unplugged posted on the progress of the search. Al Qaeeda has meanwhile asked Bill to handover the slipper to them. "We will launch a instant online Jihad against him if he doesn't oblige. We are planning to build a shrine around the slipper," Al Qaeeda spokesperson Mullah Somar said.

First snap of the slipper recovered by Bill's crew


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