Shahid Afridi expresses regret over Osama's killing

Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi has expressed regret over Osama's 'untimely' death. Consoling Osama’s wife Pipi Bin Laden in Islamabad today, Afridi said “It is highly regrettable that such an esteemed guest of this nation has been killed in such a gruesome manner. I had taken on the world saying that Pakistan is one of the most hospitable places on this planet and we treat our guests like gods and here we are today, we couldn't even protect this great strategic asset.”

“He was just 55. He had so much to do. So many buildings to pull down, so many embassies to blow and so many wives to marry. He could have even joined politics and lead our great nation. In his death Pakistan has lost a blank cheque and I am not sure how Pakistani government will be able to fill our stomachs now. What will I tell the world…what will I tell my wife and most importantly what will I tell my mother in law,” he said breaking into tears. He was inconsolable for quite some time till Humor Unplugged’s correspondent asked for his birth certificate.  

Shahid immediately pretended to faint and was taken out of the room by wicket keeper Kamran Akhmal.


Deguide said…
Good satire on Pakistanis hospitality and hostility

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