Search for extra-terrestrial hotties to commence soon

While the rest of the world is searching for intelligent life forms outside the solar system, the organizations behind Miss Universe, Mr World and Miss World competitions have joined hands to search for ‘well endowed’ life forms ‘out there’. A spokesperson for these bodies informed Humor Unplugged about the development through email on Friday.

“Yes, it is true the three international bodies have indeed decided to join hands to search for Miss\Mr World\universe type people outside our solar system. You see if you find intelligent people you always run the risk of being invaded by them. Whereas if you are a Miss\Mr (Universe\World) that might not necessarily be true,” the spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous said in his mail.

The two bodies will deploy giant antennae as part of the project called SETH or the Search for Extra Terrestrial Hotties. The antennae will broadcast pictures of former beauty queens and hunks with an encrypted message (in binary codes) stating “can you beat that’? SETH will not be joining hands with the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) as of now. “They are looking for Einsteins, while we are looking for the Aishwaryas and the hunk types so there is a fundamental difference here and the twain shall never meet,” the spokesperson said.

A grand jury comprising Kim Kardarshian, M F Hussein, Shobha De, Giselli Monterio, Victoria Beckham, Liz Hurley, Vijay Mallya and others (yet to be named) will guide the project. The project will be funded by Richard Branson.


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