Panda rejects Angelina Jolie’s adoption bid

Angelina Jolie’s attempt to adopt a panda from a Chinese zoo failed miserably with the animal firmly rejecting the offer. Beijing zoo sources while confirming the development, told Humor Unplugged that the Tomb Raider actress had indeed made a lucrative and irresistible offer to the panda, but the latter issued a firm nay and even rebuked the actress.  

“Angelina came to us a week back and said she wanted to adopt a panda. We didn’t have any problems as it would have been one less mouth to feed. When we approached the panda Pin Ying and asked him if he wanted to be adopted, Pin hid in a corner and refused to come out till he was shown a copy of the Adoption Agreement, Custodial Adoption Agreement and a statement of intend from Angelina. When Pin was shown the documents, he highlighted points 7 (a) and 14 (c) of Adoption Agreement which stated that Pin will have to compulsorily breed with a mate chosen by Angelina within a year and father a cute lill baby panda. Pin didn’t want to be pinned down by wife and kids so early in life and marriage was not at all a priority for him,” Chinese panda keeper He Changgui told Humor Unplugged.

Pin, has in the past firmly resisted all attempts to get him married. Each time Pin came up with a new and unique excuse to ward off matrimonial plans meticulously hatched by zoo officials. Last time, He’s team approached an elderly panda couple to advise Pin but the carefree panda would have none of it."Why don’t you pensioners take care of your own matrimonial needs rather than telling me what to do..” Pin said before going back to his Playstation.    

Pin, according to He, also asked Angelina to focus on the kids she has already adopted and make sure they get a good home before going on a new adoption spree. Angelina has heeded to the advice and has put a moratorium on further adoptions, sources close to the actress said.

Thanks, but no thanks, says Pin Ying to Angelina 

The elderly couple which tried to convince Pin


tia said…
jolie aunty shops for kids....somehow i dont believe her !!!!!
tia said…
jolie auntie shops for kids...i dont believe her somehow!!!
Its just a short cut for her...:(

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