Lord Meghnad Desai may initiate legal proceedings against Lasith Malinga

Prominent academician, politician and hair care guru Lord Meghnad Desai has sent a legal notice to Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga alleging the latter has blatantly copied the hairstyle of the former. The notice sent on Friday alleges that the prominent Sri Lankan bowler has copied Lord Desai’s hairstyle without permission and states that strong legal action will be taken against Malinga unless he apologises or issues a due acknowledgement.

“Yes, it is true. We have sent Mr. Malinga a notice asking him to explain why legal action shouldn’t be initiated against him. You see, my client has spent years putting his finger in the socket and getting himself electrocuted to get this hairstyle and no one can just walk in and copy the one and only jazzy hair care expert without permission. Mr Malinga has plenty of explaining to do. I mean just because you treat your hair after putting your finger in socket doesn’t excuse you. Malinga has copied my client’s hairstyle and applied varnish on it to make it seem as though the hairstyle is unique. But we don’t buy this assumption,” a fuming lawyer for Lord Desai told Humor Unplugged over Skype on Friday. He was fuming so hard that his microphone went dead during the Skype call and we had to go on chat to finish our conversation.

Our Mumbai correspondent was unable to speak to Malinga so we don’t have his side of the story.

Lord Desai is not amused by Malinga's hairstyle  
Malinga may not even be aware of this


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