Hema Malini’s leopard's connection with Siachen talks

Confirming the worst fears of the intelligence establishment in India, it has emerged that the leopard that intruded into Hema Malini’s house last week was sent at the behest of Pakistani ISI agents to cause confusion in media circles in India. At a late night briefing at union home minister P Chidambaram’s residence, sleuths from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) laid bare a plan that was hatched in mid-Jan in Bawalpur in Pakistan to symbolically send a leopard to a celebrity’s house to draw attention away from the Siachen talks that happened on Monday.

Even as leads started trickling till late Saturday night, about Pakistani involvement in the episode, NIA sleuths maintained a stoic silence waiting for concrete evidence to emerge. The evidence did come in the form of two men who were arrested on Sunday in connection with the incident. The two told NIA that they were actually supposed to release the leopard at the residence of Shah Rukh Khan to create a stir in Bollywood. But they were unable to do so as Shah Rukh’s house was constantly guarded by his close friend Karan Johar who refused to allow anyone in.

After a comprehensive recee, the two then decided to release the leopard at Hema Malini's residence. The Pakistan trained duo found her residence to be least guarded among the lot surveyed. The two then called up their handlers in Pakistan who directed them to release the animals, move away from the area and lay low.

After failed attempts to launch its Jihadis into Indian territory, Pakistan has now resorted to dispatching animals to do its dirty job. “It was essentially a headline grabbing effort from the Pakistanis,” said a NIA official. Our mole in the ISI however said that the motive behind the intrusion episode was ISI’s trademark foolish belligerence. It seems like the ISI wanted to create some ruckus before the Siachen talks to keep the Indian media engaged in a wild goose chase. That would have kept the Indian third estate from reporting effectively on the progress of talks and would have eased some pressure on the Pak delegation which didn’t have a strong stand on Siachen.


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