Mamata Banerjee is preparing to chew the commies in Bengal

Mamta Banerjee, the railway minister, the leader and the CM in waiting, does not want to wait anymore. Souces close to the lady have told Humor Unplugged that Mamta is preparing for her new role as CM with unmatched enthusiasm. She is planning to chew the commies and spit em out like chewing gum. As always we didn’t believe these sources and they wouldn’t give up till we were convinced. And did the twain meet? Yes, as soon as they gave us this exclusive pic of Mamta chewing (what seems to be) wood. And guess what the commies are next on her list. Take a look.    

All attempts to contact Ms Banerjee proved futile.


Apple said…
FINALLY u succeed at pointing out stark similarities & finding twins ;)
:D yeap the saga continues app ;)

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