Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar croons

The soft spoken and ever so gentle Lok Sabha Speaker Smt. Meira Kumar is also India's first lady to hold this prestigious post. In fact, she is so gentle that close friends call her the Amol Palekar of parliament. Legend has it that Meira Kumar has never killed a mosquito in her life. This is because every time she tried to kill one, the mosquito only lost consciousness and fainted in her palms. 

Today the speaker announced her journey into a path that a few speakers have threaded before. At a crowded press conference, Meira declared her grand arrival in the world of glamor. The Lok Sabha speaker revealed that she will be releasing her maiden music album next week. 

Humor Unplugged has got an exclusive preview of this album. We will not rate the songs here but will definitely give you a brief description to get your imagination going. The first song in the album called 'baithey baithey' is directed against rouge members of parliament who are speaking out of turn. A particularly peppy number in the album is "mainey abhi unhey kaha hain" (inspired by a memorable session chaired by Kumar seen in the video above). This one seems to be a gentle reminder to all members that the speaker has everyone's interest in mind and is not biased. Is per charcha kareignhey is a duet with Jagjit Singh where the speaker tries to initiate a conversation with members who are busy disrupting proceedings. The last song in the album Mantri mohodhey is for union ministers. Through this song Kumar tries to nudge the ministers to respond to queries raised by members in a comprehensive manner.

The Album will be released by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the 22nd of April 2011. 


shubham said…
this was great.....mosquito fainted...hahah

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