Kanimozhi in touch with designers for her maiden court appearance

Scamwoman Kanimozhi has been reaching out to local and international designers to design a special dress for her maiden court appearance slated to happen soon. Humor Unplugged was told by a reliable source on Thursday that Kanimozhi is convinced that she will be arrested in the 2G scam soon and is planning to make a splash as and when she makes her grand debut in court.

Designer Sarah Burton’s office confirmed the fact that some people claiming to represent someone called Cunningmozzey (Kanimozhi) had gotten in touch with them and  made some ‘not so routine’ enquiries. Another prominent designer who claims to have spoken to Kanimozhi today morning said “yes, she did call me on my cell. The voice at the other end introduced herself and asked me to design something so extraordinary that it will make other designers look like kindergarten toddlers. Kanimozhi then claimed that in return she will transfer 3 crores in hard cash via Mauritius, St. Kitts and Cayman Islands and through over 9 companies to my personal bank account in Popat Rao Cooperative bank in Thane”.      

Yet another designer was asked if he would agree to design a dress for a ‘decent’ stake in one of the shady telecom companies out there. Kanimozhi has also asked the government to ensure that no one throws a slipper or any unwanted projectiles at her. “I saw her letter. Who does she think she is? Even ministers I know cannot walk a mile without someone hurling a restroom slipper at them. I am told that all slipper companies have registered a 125 pc increase in sale and the outlook seems to be quite bright for them. Gartner has infact prepared a magic quadrant of slipper manufacturers for the first time in history,” a pan chewing home ministry babu said.

A prominent New Delhi based website has meanwhile claimed that Niira Radia was not traceable since morning. The site claims that Radia is working with her friends in the media to help Kanimozhi get a new dress done in time for her court appearance.


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