If DMK comes to power in Tamil Nadu

DMK has gone all out to woo TN’s voters. Chief Karunanidi is treating the state treasury as his personal bank account and handling out doles like theres no tomorrow. Humor Unplugged has learnt that the shady uncle has a few more offers up his sleeve (to be revealed as the election date appears closer)

• A laptop for every corrupt government middle man/woman in New Delhi
• A 3G datacard for every fisherman captured by the cowardly Sri Lankan navy
• A 10 GB USB thumb drive for all citizens who look like Karunanidhi
• 3-d  glasses with 2 GB memory for every one born on Karunanidhi’s birthday
• 360 GB online storage space for all citizens who wear a dhoti with Karunanidhi’s photo
• A 1 TB external hard drive for every election commission official who ignores such blatant violation of rules
• 1 blackberry for every citizen who can prove that he has voted for DMK
• 1 Nokia E5 for anyone who can predict the correct weight of Jayalalitha
• 1 I Pad for every astrologer who predicts a DMK victory
• Playstation 3 for every psephologist who predicts a DMK victory


p00ja said…
Wow! Is there no law against all this? As in is it not the Election Commissioner's job to make sure nothing of this sort happens?
Am afraid Pooja...when it comes to corruption, everyone prefers to turn a blind eye...
tia said…
thrs no future of TN if things go like this there
There is future for all white goods manufacturers there...
Kunning Mozhi said…
Tamil Nadu politics is same no matter who is in power. DMK and AIADMK are practically the same party but with different nepotists at the helm. also see funny below.

Kunning Mozhi said…
Tamil Nadu politics is the same no matter which party is in power. DMK and AIADMK are the same party except for different nepotists at the helm.

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