Comical Ali is Pakistan's new war on terror mascot

Indicating its utmost commitment to the war on terror, Pakistan the world’s most terror friendly nation, today announced the appointment of a ‘brand ambassador’ for the engagement. Furloughed Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf aka Comical Ali will take over his new role from May 1, 2011.

The appointment was announced through a Karachi datelined press release issued by Pakistani defense minister on Friday. Humor Unplugged has also learnt that the appointment was delayed a bit as US was not giving an approval because of al-Sahaf’s interesting background. The former Iraqi information minister, it may be recollected, had defended the Saddam government through media till it was overthrown. Despite the Iraqi army facing a string of setbacks, al-Sahaf refused to admit that his army was on the back foot till the US army captured the Iraqi Republican Guard and a dazed Comical Ali was taken to a mobile US army lab.

“God willing, we will teach these shoe biting infidels (Taliban et.all) the value of truth. The Pakistani army (someone praise their name) will teach them worldly manners and ensure that their donkey riding aspirations will meet the same fate as that of the Kenyan team in the recently concluded cricket world cup,” al-Sahaf said.  

According to sources, the Pakistani army is quite excited by the appointment. “We are currently testing him and he is under probation. His appointment will be formalized if he delivers in line with our expectations in the next 6 months,” a senior Pak army general said.

Comical Ali issuing a warning to terrorists hiding in Karachi


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